About Us

Who we are and
what we do

The organization has been working for the street animals of Yavatmal city for the past 3 years. The organisation mainly working for to save the injured, homeless and street animals . We are doing all this work with our own money and people's contribution. The work of Olava Pashupremi Foundation during 3 years from 06 June 2020 to 06 June 2023 is as follows:

  1. Rescued over 500 stray dogs from various disasters.
  2. Giving life to bulls and cows.
  3. Giving life to 10 horses.
  4. 15 Cat Rescue.
  5. Giving life to 100 birds.
  6. Life-giving to Kharutai.
  7. Facility of 70 water troughs and 50 bird bowls for birds in various parts of Yavatmal city for drinking water in summer.
  8. During the rainy season, rabies is found in stray dogs. Because of this, stray dogs become sick and there is no cure for rabies. For that every year anti-rabies vaccination campaign was conducted for stray dogs in Yavatmal city.
    1. 100 free swanana rabies vaccinations in 2021.
    2. In 2022, 500 free swanana rabies vaccinations.
  9. Conducted 2month campaign of anti-scabies for over 2000 street dogs of Yavtmal city every year and keep them free from scabies for atleast the next 6 months
  10. Puppies of stray dogs fall down the car and die sometimes due to disease. To get shelter of all such stray dogs first stray dog ‚Äč‚Äčadoption camp was organized in Yavatmal city in October 2022. Those 20 puppies got their rightful home. Also, adoption camps were organized in January 2023 and May 2023 in which 60 puppies got a home. Apart from that we have adopted 20-25 puppies.
  11. The condition of stray dogs in Yavatmal city is very bad. They get many types of diseases like cancer, wounds and scabies. In order to take stock of all stray dogs in Yavatmal city, in Feb 2023, we conducted a survey in collaboration with Savitri Jyotiba Phule Samaj Karya College to provide food to stray dogs and who they are suffering from.
  12. Birds have nests to live in during rainy season but these nests are destroyed by wind or rain. The chicks in that nest die. Olava Sansthan has built more than 500 natural nests for all such birds.

What to Expect When Adopting

Step One
We do not have a shelter to visit. Our dogs are in volunteer foster homes in the Toronto area. We like to learn a bit about our potential adopters prior to a meeting with the dog. Our adoption process is set up to ensure that our dogs go to their forever home. Please submit the online application at the bottom of this page if you are interested in adopting one of our dogs. If you prefer to first speak with a volunteer please email or give us a call.

Step Two
We will contact you by phone once we get your application. We do our best to follow up within a couple of days please be patient. During the telephone interview we will answer your questions and go over your application.

Step Three
The next steps in the process sometimes vary depending on your location and schedule. One of our volunteers will schedule a time to come and do a home visit. We ask that everyone living in the home is at this meeting. We will also arrange a time for you to meet the dog. This usually happens after the home visit. Again we ask that all members of the family are at the meeting with the dog. If you have a dog we will be sure to have the dogs meet as well. It is sometimes best if the adopters meet the dog a couple of times prior to the adoption.